Mentor / Mentee Interview

My name is Amanda and my mentee/mentor is Zaheer.

Our Team mascot is: Refrigerator Snake (your combined spirit animal with shared interests!)

Our Start up / non profit idea is Type 2 Diabetes and obesity (something you both love / something you both care about)

If I could describe my mentor/mentee in three words, they would be:

1. Unique

2. Reliable

3. Thinks outside the box

If I could describe MYSELF as a mentor/mentee, I am:

1. Patient

2. Reliable

3. Creative

Mentee/Mentor interview/Observation — Theres are all questions for YOU to ask your MENTOR/MENTEE:

  • TELL ME: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In college
  • SHOW ME: How do work towards your goals now? (get creative!) Zaheer pretended like he was doing his homework
  • DRAW IT: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Draw a picture of your life in 2020.  – He drew a picture of college with himself inside
  • THINK ALOUD: How do you imagine you will get there? By working hard
  • WHY? What would be your absolute dream job? and why? Dissecting the human mind and see how it works
    • WHY? So he can manipulate people
      • WHY? Because then he can control their bodies so he can prove or disprove Freud’s theories 
        • WHY? Because he was a very smart man but supported none of his theories
          • WHY? Because if he proves him right or wrong then I can get famous

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