Asistive Technology Blog

  • What device or tool did you choose?
    • Sip and Puff Device
  • Add a photo!
  • Who does it serve? – IT serves those who are not able to use a computer with their hands
  • How does it work? – Translates movements of the head to cursor movements
  • What design opportunities does it address? – Allows people without hands or function in their hands to use a computer
  • Why is it awesome? – You get to surf the web and watch youtube videos with that
  • How can you imagine this device evolving in the next 10 years? – Bluetooth technology connected to head movements

3 thoughts on “Asistive Technology Blog

  1. This device is honestly an excellent invention. This amazing and revolutionary device can allow people who are unable to use their hands, to use the computer. Within the next ten years I can see this device evolving exponentially. I can see this device being less bulky and having less chance of breaking. I could also see it possibly having bluetooth capabilities. I could also see the possibility of it not using the sip and puff mechanism and maybe it will sense brain waves or something similar because the sip and puff maneuver seems a bit inconvenient to me. They could breath and accidentally click something so I can definitely see room for improvement there.

  2. this is great technology process to make joyful life while watching and communicate with technology. most of the time people with disabilities just stay one place. with the help of technology advances it will achieve impossible activities for them. people will create and share their great ideas with the asistive technology.

  3. The evolution of assistive technology has revolutionized the world. However, perhaps in the next decade, there can be more room for improvement, even with this invention. From a personal note, it is believed that this invention will be perfected and compatible with even those who have limited mobility in moving their heads as well. Perhaps a camera that closely identifies head motion as a cursor indicator to not only surf the web, but do other Computer User Friendly aspects to make life easier, such as typing a novel.

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