Aqua-Blue Phoenix: Prep for first interview!

  • OUR TEAM NAME: Aqua-Blue Phoenix

  • Team Motto:  TBA
  • Team Members: Malcolm, Avishek, Donald, Anthony, Jasdev, Kaylah, and Caroline.
  • What role will each team member fill?

    • interviewer (1-2): Malcolm S. / Avishek P.

    • note takers (2 at least):  Anthony W. / Jasdev S. / Caroline E.

    • photos/sketcher: Donald J.

    • video (flip cam operator) Kaylah M.

  • UCP Interview topic: Work

  • Our questions:
    • How do you work?
    • What’s you work environment?
    • What’s the hardest thing about your job?
    • What do you do daily at work?
    • How do you get to work?
    • How to you plan with weather when getting to or being at work?
    • What tools do you use at work?
    • How long do you work?
    • What do you do AFTER work?
    • How has work effected your life schedule?
    • What would make your job easier?

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