Mind-Controlling Cats: Questions for UCP Meeting

  • OUR TEAM NAME: Mind-Controlling Cats
  • Team Motto: I order thee to pet my fur.
  • Team Members: Mickell, Aayman, Carlos, Omar, Seleste, Navisha.
  • What role will each team member fill?
    • interviewer (1-2): Seleste, Omar.
    • note takers (2 at least): Aayman.
    • photos/sketches: Navisha, Carlos.
    • video (flip cam operator): Mickell.
  • UCP Interview topic: (Broad) Art.
  • Our questions:
    • What interested you in art to begin with?
    • What sort of art interests you?
    • What’s your definition of art?
    • What’s the hardest part of doing art? (How do you do your art? [Show me])
    • (Ask for an art piece they would like to share) What was your process in making this piece?
    • When did you start doing art?
    • How has art affected your perspective of the world?
    • Is it normally difficult to make art?
    • What platform do you use to make art more often?
    • What supplies do you use when making art?
    • What are your artistic inspirations?
    • What is your favorite color?
    • How often do you make art?

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