MOUSE Corps Persona Profile

1. Patterns/Themes/Differentiators (defining goals, knowledge/skills and attitudes)

If you had 10 seconds to describe the person you interviewed, what would you say? Describe the top 3-5 patterns you observed in your interview notes… Ask yourself “What are their goals, attitudes, skills, interests, or challenges that make this persona unique.

2. Name

3. Photo/Drawing


4. Personal information

Unlike the key differentiators, the personal information doesn’t have to be completely accurate, as long as it is precise (make it up)! Here are some details to include:

  • Age:
  • Location:
  • Personality (eg: creative, shy, diligent):
  • Home/family life (eg: married parents, middle class suburban):
  • Hobbies:
  • Other: (eg: favorite TV shows or music, etc):

5. Interview-specific information

The interview specific information helps you to relate the person more specifically to area for which you are designing – What did your interview focus on? Art, Independence in the home/life, Workplace/Job.  Here are some possible characteristics to use:

  • Experience. Describe their experience related to your interview topic.
  • Future plans. How will future behavior change from current behavior? For example, are they expecting to go to college, get a certain kind job, invent something awesome?
  • Motivators. Which types of things motivate them?
  • Pain points. What challenges do they have? Are there barriers (physical, emotional, practical) for them to do everything they want to do?

6. Profile (psychologically based mini-biography)



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