Persona Blog Post

1. Patterns/Themes/Differentiators (defining goals, knowledge/skills and attitudes)


  • Very creative
  • Hard-working
  • Determined
  • Optimist
  • Thoughtful


Attitude: Cheery, very bright, very sweet, engaging, passionate.

Knowledge/Skills: Physical art, poetry, creative writing.

Goal: To express herself, get her feelings across, relieve her own stress.

2. Name


3. Photo/Drawing


4. Personal information

Unlike the key differentiators, the personal information doesn’t have to be completely accurate, as long as it is precise (make it up)! Here are some details to include:

  • Age: 40-45
  • Location: ?
  • Personality: Bright, optimistic, cheery, very sweet.
  • Home/family life: House is not too big
  • Hobbies: Physical art, poetry, creative writing, walking her dog, spending time with her dog in general.
  • Other: She loves dogs, dog is a poodle named Lucky.

5. Interview-specific information

The interview specific information helps you to relate the person more specifically to area for which you are designing – What did your interview focus on? Art, Independence in the home/life, Workplace/Job.  Here are some possible characteristics to use:

  • Experience. Loves to draw, it reduces her stress
  • Future plans. Wants to paint a landscape, and improve her skills in general
  • Motivators. Artists Kandinsky and Vincent Van Gogh (abstract artists)
  • Pain points. Poor visibility and issues coloring small spaces and edges

6. Profile (psychologically based mini-biography)

Tawn is a 40-45 female artist with C.P. She enjoys painting, writing poetry, and walking her poodle, Lucky. She enjoys physical art more than digital art because she feel more immersed. However, her C.P. inferfers with her ability to do art, mainly by hampering her vision and making it difficult for her to paint in small spaces and edges.

One thought on “Persona Blog Post

  1. The people at UCP are ambitious to finish their art works.
    They are self motivative but sometimes need that extra boost of self confidence.
    The staff at UCP the work with the people With Cp are dedicated to make the best of art for them.

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