Persona (Time Traveling Hemingway’s)

1. Patterns/Themes/Differentiators (defining goals, knowledge/skills and attitudes)

D-Wanted more independence, used to work for UPC, getting use to her walker, had spasms and back problmes

M-Dislikes requiring assistance, has trouble exiting her chair



2. Name


3. Photo/Drawing


4. Personal information

Unlike the key differentiators, the personal information doesn’t have to be completely accurate, as long as it is precise (make it up)! Here are some details to include:

  • Age:D-40-50 M-40-50
  • Location:D-Brooklyn M-Manhattan
  • Personality (eg: creative, shy, diligent): D-outgoing M-shy
  • Home/family life D-home attendant, lived alone, aunt M-home attendant
  • Hobbies:D-reading, shopping, cooking, listening to music, likes adventure M-Nook that she plays on, used to write
  • Other: (eg: favorite TV shows or music, etc):

5. Interview-specific information

The interview specific information helps you to relate the person more specifically to area for which you are designing – What did your interview focus on? Art, Independence in the home/life, Workplace/Job.  Here are some possible characteristics to use:

  • Experience. D-Wanted more Independence M-She used to act and write
  • Future plans. D-going back to work at ucp
  • Motivators. Each other
  • Pain points. D-back pain spasm M-left arm and legs 
  • 6. Profile (psychologically based mini-biography)
  • D Debbies legs were effected by cp, hindering her ability to get around the city. However, she was still very independent and always maintained an optimistic attitude.
  • M Marcella is a very independent individual. From her consumption of veggies, to addiction to candy crush, and even her struggle to get to places because access-a-ride. She always her friend Debbie to go through the pain together.



2 thoughts on “Persona (Time Traveling Hemingway’s)

  1. Something very memorable from being at UCP is how postive and supportive everyone was. However, on the techier sides of things, it seemed that getting around the house with a wheelchair and walker is very difficult. This was one of the design opportunities that jumped out at me the most. There is clearly room to make traveling around your house with a walker more conventient.

  2. One detail not mentioned above from the interview was that there were a few times when I thought I’d found some personal hack which turned out to just be coincidental. For instance on their electronic devices their applications were all jumbled together in no particular order rather than being spaced out as you’d normally see. This didn’t serve any actual purpose so it was a good thing to have asked rather than assuming that it helped in some way or was otherwise an intended customization.

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