Super Sayain Scientist UCP interview:Jeffry

1. Patterns/Themes/Differentiators (defining goals, knowledge/skills and attitudes)

-no movement in his left leg

-he understood out questions

-used a walker to get around

2. Name


3. Photo/Drawing

(4. Personal information

Age: 50-52

location:building in the city with elevators


home/family:lived alone

hobbies:reading and arcade games

5. Interview-specific information

-he is a self sufficient guy who tries to do stuff on his own.

-he wanted to get involved in more activities.

-their aides motivated them.

-he had trouble in tight spaces.

6. Profile (psychologically based mini-biography)


2 thoughts on “Super Sayain Scientist UCP interview:Jeffry

  1. He hates when people talk about him.
    The elevators don’t work well in his building.
    He likes to watch sports.
    Doesn’t want to use the walker anymore.
    Didn’t always need to use the walker.
    Can walk 6 blocks with walker.

  2. Somethings that i remembered from our interview with Jeffrey was that he also relies on the little basket attached to his walker to carry things around. He is also a classic gamer with specific games like Pacman.

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