Vernita: Persona Profile (Aqua-Blue Phoenix)

1. Patterns/Themes/Differentiators (defining goals, knowledge/skills and attitudes)

Vernita is a middle aged woman with cerebral palsy who likes to work, play games and volunteer her time. Although she doesn’t have use of one of her hands, she tries her best with typing on a computer at work and enjoys playing games on her tablet which she uses with a stylus. She hopes to live and work more independently with her cerebral palsy.

2. Name : Vernita

3. Photo/Drawing


4. Personal information

  • Age: Middle Aged (35-50)
  • Location: NYC (Brooklyn & Manhattan)
  • Personality (eg: creative, shy, diligent): Outgoing, Creative, Optimistic, Ambitious
  • Home/family life (eg: married parents, middle class suburban): Boyfriend and Apartment
  • Hobbies: Mobile Games, Movies & TV Shows
  • Other: (eg: favorite TV shows or music, etc): Makes Jewelry

5. Interview-specific information

  • Experience.
    • 5-10yrs in customer service
    • Works @ cleaning w/ meaning
  • Future plans.
    • Wants to help job improve
    • Wants to type on a keyboard (fast)
    • Wants to be more independent
  • Motivators.
    • Boyfriend
    • Self-Confidence
  • Pain points.
    • Keyboard typing
    • Getting to places on time
    • Getting out of the bath tub

6. Profile (psychologically based mini-biography)

Vernita, an ambitious and out-going woman who lives with cerebral palsy, wants to help her job grow by learning how to type more efficiently. She hopes to live more independently with her cerebral palsy. She participates in various activities outside of her job with Cleaning with Meaning such as UCP, MOUSE and NYU.


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