Blog Post 2/3–Update for Mind-Controlling Cats

Group name: Mind-Controlling Cats


Describe your new idea and how it incorporates the design retreat feedback and assistive tech research:


Update/Change 1:  Removable/ washable Pillowcase

Update/Change 2: Hard/soft cases/sides(interior also will have strong structural integrity

Update/Change 3: Buttons/sensors (which to choose)

Update/Change 4: Green tech, Environment concerns

Update/Change 5: Affordability


Interview Questions for UCP: create a list of follow-up interview questions that will help you get the feedback you need to improve on your idea.


1. Do  you use any other types of inputs for digital art?

2. Rough/rigid or very soft design?

3. How important is customization to you?

4. How important is control? Absolute vs random?

5. Preferred shape? Geometrical vs more random? (or oddly shaped)


One thought on “Blog Post 2/3–Update for Mind-Controlling Cats

  1. We have decided to consider more in depth the possibilities of the shape of the item, how to avoid limiting to one action (for example, using only hands) and thinking about how to make it easy to use for head/neck, between the arms, and on the lap. We have also decided that using pressure sensitivity would be a better choice than using a button press, which would make things much more easier for the intended user/audience. We just finished creating about 5 different prototypes and are narrowing down the options our item will have! We are also considering using a soft case (think pillow).

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