Blog Post 2/3/15 Numero Dos



Group name: Aqua-Blue Phoenix

Describe your new idea and how it incorporates the design retreat feedback and assistive tech research: 

  •  Utilize the 3-Dimensional one-handed keyboard design and integrate our original idea of multiple colored and shaped keys.

Update/Change 1:

  • Change from a two-handed keyboard model to one-handed keyboard model

Update/Change 2:

  • Adopted the use of a 3rd dimension in order to more efficiently use space

Update/Change 3:

  • Incorporated the number-pad and arrow-keys to function like a normal keyboard


Interview Questions for UCP: create a list of follow-up interview questions that will help you get the feedback you need to improve on your idea.


1. Would you be open to using a one-handed keyboard?

2. Would you be willing to adjust to a 3-Dimensional keyboard?

3. Would you prefer using a stylus as opposed to one-fingered typing?

4. How do you feel about the spacing between the kids?


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