Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – Super Saiyan Scientists

Group Name:  Super Saiyan Scientist


Our idea from the Design Retreat: to make a universal video game

Existing Product 1

  • 1) The Name of product: ultimate arcade 2 game controller, play station 2, and 3, x box 360, game cube, Wii, and PC
  • 2) A link to where you found it online.
  • 3) Embed an image of the products you’ve found.
  • controller
  • 4) Describe the key features of this product.
  • a lot of buttons that are different sizes
  • bigger than normal controllers
  • 5) How is it similar to your group’s idea?
    • ” If you have any level of mobility impairment due to cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or an injury or a stroke”
  • 6) How could it be improved?
  • it difficult to tell what the buttons do because they are for people who have trouble playing with regular controllers.


Existing Product 2

    1. Slalom

    1. The product allows disabled persons the ability to play a simulation of the sport slalom via multiple inputs. They can use eye control or one button to play.
    2. It also consists of a game that is greatly accessible by many people. Almost anybody can make use any of the provided inputs to play the game.
    3. It could be more entertaining. The game lacks interesting elements and is merely a representation of a sport. Instead, perhaps the game could incorporate more interesting elements to entertain the user whilst continuing to use the same, useful inclusive features.

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