Time Traveling Hemingway


Describe your new idea and how it incorporates the design retreat feedback and assertive tech research:

We started thinking about exactly how we can get a walker down the stairs safely, (getting up the stairs seems possible), and making the actual attachment more stable and capable of supporting the person and the walker, since both will be quit heavy for one small attachment. 

Something that actually pushes the walker up the stairs.

Update/Change 1:Considering how the attachment will aid going down because it would be at a weird angle also it could easily slide down which is not very safe.

Update/Change 2: Think of things outside the railing

Update/Change 3:


Interview Questions for UCP: create a list of follow-up interview questions that will help you get the feedback you need to improve on your idea.


1. How do you get up/ down the stairs

2.How often do you go up stairs



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