Super Saiyan Scientist BLOG POST


  • We’ve been working on a game and controller. We plan for this game to be a multiplayer, platformer game which involves competition between the two players. The controller would allow for multiple inputs to the game such as motion tracking, one and multiple button inputs, voice-control, and other accessible mediums.
    • Materials: Conductive thread, Conductive thread, MaKey MaKey, Arduino, Omni-Palette-Style Buttons
  • Make a preliminary blueprint/drawing AND/OR paper-prototype (photos
  • Decide what elements of your design you will build first/make a prototyping action plan
    • Goal by end of February
  • Test out the Makey-makey
  • 1st prototypes involving the Makey-makey
  • Have a solid of idea of the project and what needs to be done
    • Goal by end of March
  •  Design and create 2 controllers
  • 1st prototype with the program, Scratch
  • Design the game
    • Goal by end of April
  •  Arudino controller prototype
  •  Playtested controller
  • 3rd Controller by April
    • Goal by mid May (Finished!)
  • Materials needed for next meeting:

Types of receivers

– Eye movement

– Voice controlled

– Conductive material

– Accelerometer

– Movement of feet

– 2 large buttons

– Movement of fingers


Amanda: Javascript and Alice

Julian Q: HTML, Sinatra, CSS

Jose: Javascript

Kelvin: Javascript, C++, HTML, CSS

Zaheer: HTML, Javascript

– Also experience in sowing, soddering, art, sketchup, and tinkering



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