Mind-Controlling Cats 2/24/15 UPDATE


Today we made physical prototypes out of felt to user test our ideas. Some of these were:

  • Omar: A pillow that would mold to the neck, and have a gradient that you could scroll across to change colors
  • Celeste: A pillow with a gradient that is pressure sensitive
  • Navisha: Asymmetrical pillow to, which would clearly demonstrate the difference between left, right, up, down
  • Mickell: Neck pillow with head rest extension, with all of it being pressure sensitive
  • Carlos: Based on the original design, with two distinct buttons that would serve to change colors between “warmer” and “colder” colors.


photo 1photo 3

Next Steps:

We’ll be creating and testing pressure sensor configurations with Ardiuno and LED lights, to further develop our ideas.

New Materials:

  • Ardiuno Board
  • Basic Pressure Sensors
  • LED Lights
  • More Felt

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