Prototyping Models/ Ideas

So today we decided to make our model keyboard with keys we got out of a QWERTY keyboard. We made did different variation of ideas of how the keys would be set up on our keyboard we would makke.


We also decided to make model of the cups surrounding the keys, there are different variations of that as well.


There were also other ideas that sprung up as well such as an idea of not just a keyboard, But a joystick or sphere ball/ Track ball  to select the letters on the computer by moving the joystick or for the sphere ball to slowly glide through a letter system a-z and all  keys and numbers. Maybe a touch pad that would go on to the computer when she typed with a stylus pen. Maybe a light up 4×4 pad that lights up the letter that you are on when you move the trackball around the letters, it has click button on the side for you to can hit when your on the letter you want.



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