Mind-Controlling Cats – UCP Questions #2

Plan for next week:

Who is taking pictures? – Mickell
Who is interviewing (remember everyone can ask questions) – { everyone in general }
Who is video taping? – Seleste
Who is recording answers? (at least 2) – { everyone }

Here is how our idea has changed: Our idea hasn’t really changed; we’ve come up with various new shapes, such as creatures like cats and such, but right now we’re relying on our answers to figure out which shape(s) are best.

What do you think of ___________ change? We currently don’t have any major changes.

Can you forsee any problems using this? Probably the animal shapes – would it be comfortable to use or would it just be for looks?

Think of all the different aspects of your project and make questions for each part:

Ask them to USE your prototypes so far!

Remember your interview tips! (show me, tell me, draw it, step by step, 5 whys)

New Questions!

1. What size is best for the art tool?
2. Where should the sensors be on the pillow? How far can they reach with their neck/arm/etc?
3. Hard or soft pillow? / How hard or easy is it to use this prototype? (When showing specific prototype)
4. Would you prefer lights/sound/a certain weight?
5. What kind of shape is easier to use?
6. What kind of shape is more appealing?
7. What colors are most appealing?
8. Would you prefer bright, multi-colored, or neutral shades?
9. Do you need/want a stabilizer? Maybe a strap made of soft material?
10. Would you prefer more abstract shapes that are preset? Or actual lines/paint strokes?


  • Ardiuno Board
  • Basic Pressure Sensors
  • LED Lights
  • More Felt

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