Plan for next week:

Who is taking pictures? Julian
Who is interviewing (remember everyone can ask questions) Jaquan, Kelvin
Who is video taping? Jose
Who is recording answers? (at least 2) Amanda

Here is how our idea has changed:

Last time we interviewed them we had no idea on what we were going to do. At first we knew that we were going to do a game, but we weren’t sure what type of game we were going to do. So, from not knowing whether or not we were going to do a physical game or a video game. Now, we have decided that we are going to do a video game and controllers for the game. Right now we are focusing mainly on the controllers and aren’t sure whether we are going to do the game as well because we found a game that is similar to the game we had in mind.

What do you think of this change?

Can you forsee any problems using this?

Think of all the different aspects of your project and make questions for each part:

Ask them to USE your prototypes so far

Remember your interview tips! (show me, tell me, draw it, step by step, 5 whys)

New Questions!

1. Do you feel more comfortable playing with the gloves, the button or the head piece?

2. Do you like being physically active when playing games?

3. What type of games essentially would you like to play with these controllers?

4. Do you prefer to play by yourself or with others?

5.Do you have any suggestions for another controller or control type?

6.If you find using one of these controllers difficult, what makes it difficult?
7.Where is the ideal positioning of the controller for you?

8.If you were to play a simple video game, what features would you want the game to have?

9.What changes would you make to our product?
10.Do you see yourself using this product?


Nothing at the moment, we are pretty sufficient with what we have right now.


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