Aqua-Blue Phoenix Status Update – 3/24/15

Current Status

This meeting was essentially a day for research and testing out various ways to create an on-screen keyboard. In the beginning of the day we started by mapping the joystick however we have run into several problems. The biggest issue is that there are certain features of the program that are not working as intended. The next portion was figuring out how to create a virtual keyboard. The issue we ran into with that is the term “virtual keyboard” is rather inaccurate and not specific enough to our overall goals. Instead what we are trying to create is a Transparent On-Screen Keyboard. We looked into several applications in order to create this including HTML. This however is not the proper way to go about this as an HTML coded keyboard only works in a specific field as opposed to actually creating a keyboard.

Future Plans

For the next meeting we need to map the keys for the joystick and work out all the bugs associated with this. The next big step is creating the On-Screen Keyboard. As of now we are looking into creating the keyboard in C++. This means that we need to learn C++ to a reasonable degree either by the next meeting or during the next meeting.

Surprise Update: As of 5:45~ we got the joystick working. It was a driver problem however we managed to resolve it. This means that we just need to finalize the mapping process.


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