MouseCORPS-Super Saiyan Scientists Update

We received a button and foot-pedal; each being possible inputs for our end goal: to create useful inputs for an enjoyable game. Patrick, our supervisor, has shown us how to ‘bread board’.

We’ve discovered that the LED light (included with the button) always receives power from the side pins no matter what. With the bottom pins we’ve found that it functions as a ground and the back pins connect to the power source. If the top pin is connected it’s on by default and will be turned off and vice verse for the bottom pin.

We’ve also begun to experiment with a PCB Joystick and explore what wonders and ideas we’ll be able to pull off with the use of Arduino. We attached wires to it to attempt to get it to work but even by going into the code we were unable to make it work. Hopefully, next week, we’ll be able to be successful in our usage of the PCB joystick.

Plans for next time:

Patrick will attempt to fix and get the joystick to work.

Julian and X will continue on prototyping for the joystick and maybe attempt to use the Maker Bot.

Jose and X will attempt to use the joystick in tandem with the game.

Jaquan and X will work on the foot pedal.


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