It’s a New Day

Team Name! Time Traveling Hemingway 

What is the state of your project right now? This week we are trying to figure out what are the actual mechanics of our project, such as locking the shoe in place and getting the top of our project to raise up at an angle.

What did you accomplish this meeting? (new improvements, updates) We solidify our design so we can start choosing the material we will be using such as 2″ hinges, and we already knew we were using wood

Who worked on what? We all work on solidifying our ideas.

What is your plan for next week? If the materials come in actual setting every thing up and insure it all works and finalizing the actual mechanics.


WHO CAN COME IN OVER SPRING BREAK? WHO CAN COME EARLY? (if there are enough of you, we will ask your tech mentor to come if they can) Nick(Maybe), Eugene(not sure), Abraham, Zacharry

Shopping list (with links!)


-1 in. x 8 in. x 4 ft. of wood this is scale to use for all the parts of our design.



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