Mind-Controlling Cats – Update [March 31st, 2015]


Today, we did a little more concrete plan for our last couple of weeks left to finish our project. We also figured out the dimensions for future reference and decided that next week (or the week after), we’d do a solid and final prototype. When that’s done, we’ll spend the weeks after that working on our actual project, making it adaptable to an open-source art program, and finalizing everything. Here are some pictures:

20150331_172154 20150331_172207 20150331_172618

Omar & Aayman – Dimensions (& pictures)
Seleste – Missing items
Mickell – Arduino process

Who can make it to the next meeting? – Aayman [will come in early], Omar (Yes), Mickell, Navisha, Carlos (TBD), Seleste (No)

Shopping List:


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