Prototyping Blog Post By THE SUPER SAIYAN SCIENTISTS!!!!!

Super Saiyan Scientists

What is the state of your project right now?

We are experimenting with a small joystick to find out the controls and how we would go about using it.

What did you accomplish this meeting? (new improvements, updates)

We had a soldering session and we soldered the joystick to a PCB (aka circuit board) and we hooked it up to a breadboard and had it turn on and off an LED light

Who worked on what?

Jaquan and Julian soldered the metal prongs to the PCB and Zaheer and Amanda soldered the joystick to the PCB

What is your plan for next week?

Next week we plan to use the joystick with the arduino and plan our joystick design.


IMG_20150331_174013 IMG_20150331_172925 IMG_20150331_171540 IMG_20150331_171533 IMG_20150331_165213 IMG_20150331_165207

WHO CAN COME IN OVER SPRING BREAK? WHO CAN COME EARLY? (if there are enough of you, we will ask your tech mentor to come if they can)

The people that can come are





Both Amanda and Jaquan can come early

Shopping list (with links!)



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