Mind Controlling Cats: Sweet Milk of Advice


Summary of The Day:

Today, we were visited by two associates of Credit Suisse! With them, we were able to prioritize individual aspects and goals in completing our project, adhering to several factors such as resources, time, and difficulty. We talked about what was  awesome about our project and what could be changed or added to make it better. We’ve realized that with the limited time we have left, we’ll need to work hard to meet the deadline and get our project working. Here is a list of what we talked about:


  • Complete Code/Accompanying Program
  • Actual Color
  • Set Goals Per Meeting
  • Video
  • Test Arduino Inside Pillow
  • Finish Constructing Pillow


  • Who: “We are the Mind-Controlling Cats of MOUSE Corps., a technology program that focuses suing the minds of tomorrow on helping various communities”.
  • What: “Our Project is a customized pillow-like device that will create an easier form on input to be used with a digital art program”.
  • Why: “This year, we worked with the art department at United Cerebral Palsy (UCP). Through interviews, we were inspired to create a device that will encourage and allow people, who have limited motor functions, to enjoy their hobbies and express their artistic passion without much restriction due to their disability”.
  • How: “The Project creates an alternate form of input for digital art programs all in the comfort of a pillow. It allows the user to choose or adjust setting in an art program(s) through limited/restricted body movements”.

IMG_1524 IMG_1523


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