Feedback from Paul:

  • Blue attachment is too heavy for joystick piece try using just the stress ball
  • Make attachment half the size of the one we have
  • Red nose/ stress ball attachment works as joystick attachment
  • Add button to joystick design possibly make use of button function already in joystick
  • Cube Design is inconvenient so use button on one surface
  • Buttons and surface on cube are too big
  • Fix box for joystick add wings with screw holes so it can slide into to something to attach to chair
  • Add part to box that will allow us to click in another part to make box surround joystick
  • Make buttons for button based controller out of moldable plastic

Name Ideas

  • Motion in Joy
  • Play Parade ****
  • Controller Party
  • Game-Able ****
  • Play-Able
  • Game-Ability******(Final Decision!!!!!)
  • Gamer Party
  • Game Party
  • Broad-Gamer
  • Spectrum Gamer
  • The All Embracing Controller ***

Today we split off into relatively two groups, one group was working on name ideas and getting feedback on our current ideas.  Jaquan was working on the box base for the joystick. Kelvin and Zaheer were working on describing the process of connecting the joystick to the breadboard to the arduino and uploading it to GitHub.

Link to GitHub Page

Test image

Materials needed:


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