Dazzling Discoveries, we are a mix of STEM teachers and IT support!  


We love these kids! This is such an amazing program and its been fun teaching and playing with all of the students here! Here are some awesome pictures!

Our first day! After most the kids left we got to work with a “Hummingbird” Arduino styled board to have the kids use it for an upcoming project!

The area around our job has THE BEST options for food!!

Wednesday we took the kids outside to the park to test out yeast science projects and to play! These kids are so bright but definitely love their fair share of fun XD

Along with 2 makebots, They have an unused 3D printer called the Solidoodle. I’ve been put on the task to make it work again!

Today we sat the kids down for snacks and SciShow Kids! It was so awesome to see them really enjoying it!

We made an arduino sing and the kids loved it!

Finally I end this with our favorite little five year old! This is Noam, and he’s THE SMARTEST LITTLE FIVE YEAR OLD IVE EVER MET! AND THE CUTEST!!


Love, Caroline and Avishek!! XD


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