NYU Lagone Medical Center first week

My first day of work was 07/16/15 I had to arrive before 8:30 so I can recieve my id then meet my director before 9:00. Well that didn’t happen exactly because I had to take the m15 select bus and let just say I had to wait awhile to only then jump onto a crowded bus, after that though every thing went accordingly I got my id then met with my director who spoke with me about what I will be doing this summer. I am task with speaking with patients in the waiting room about signing up for a service known as my chart soon I will be directly helping them sign up. My chart is a service that allows patients to view their medical records, upcoming appointments, and even send messages directly to their doctors. Then  I went straight to work I was a bit nervous because I am quite shy but it was actually fun because some of the patients are really funny. Like this one guy he acted like his wheelchair was a car and ask the nurse for her license before she wheeled him into the office. Then when I went to speak to him he said are actually giving me a chart with all my information if not I don’t want because I don’t like the internet, other we’re totally sold with having a service that did that for them but the rest use it but don’t like because they receive to many emails besides the one about schedule appointments. 

Then that Friday I went to a breakfast meeting with the Pencil were we spoke about financial literacy with workers of Chase Bank who help us create a budget for the summer. 

Ps. I would add picture but I’m not aloud to use my phone at work. 😢


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