WNET Week 1

I was a little over-excited getting I couldn’t wait to go so I came thirty minutes early.During my first week at WNET I was shown around the offices and introduce to many different people. I also ate lunch with another intern from the finance department her name was Lucy and she was from Baruch High School, Her mentor thought it would be a great idea that we could meet another intern, Which it was. The first thing I was able to do one my first day was to work under Brian the Archive master. He showed me how the process of getting orders to archive projected. He also showed me the 3 TB drives they had to store the projects and the storage room was really cold and loud but that made sense because there were servers in that room. That Wednesday I was able to work in the help desk room for the next two days. They had me pull up new desktops from their storage room all the way in the basement of the building and there was only one elevator that could be take down there but it took forever to arrive each time. The storage room had so many different mice, Desktops, and Monitors. I had to take up six desktops and like seven monitors. The next day I guess the senior of the help desk room Wayne, made me go through a troubleshooting test to see how reacted in a situation where the computer wasn’t working. I learned a lot of different things I didn’t know before all of the testing. Then on Friday I was taken to the Ingest room. This is a met Jermaine’s secret secret weapon Erick. On this day Erick taught me how to work the machines in the room and tested out my knowledge of filming and broadcasting rates and frames. He also showed me how to use Final cut pro and gave a tour of the editing world of WNET.



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