Aegis Capital Apprentiship?? Kinda Late Week 1 Supposed to be 7-10-15

So this week at the financial institution we call Aegis Capital Corp, the big bosses have been driving the operations department absolutely crazy. We have multiple branches and within the last two weeks we have on-boarded three more branches. One in Coral Gables, another in Sarasota and finally one in Portland, Oregon. Though we are only fully responsible for one of said branches it seems as if we are doing a majority of the paperwork for all of them. It has been beyond hectic and the brokers aren’t making it any easier. My job has been faxing, scanning and sending out lead letters and other various odd jobs to make the lives of those in the operations department slightly easier. But anyway, Amanda signing out!!



Feedback from Paul:

  • Blue attachment is too heavy for joystick piece try using just the stress ball
  • Make attachment half the size of the one we have
  • Red nose/ stress ball attachment works as joystick attachment
  • Add button to joystick design possibly make use of button function already in joystick
  • Cube Design is inconvenient so use button on one surface
  • Buttons and surface on cube are too big
  • Fix box for joystick add wings with screw holes so it can slide into to something to attach to chair
  • Add part to box that will allow us to click in another part to make box surround joystick
  • Make buttons for button based controller out of moldable plastic

Name Ideas

  • Motion in Joy
  • Play Parade ****
  • Controller Party
  • Game-Able ****
  • Play-Able
  • Game-Ability******(Final Decision!!!!!)
  • Gamer Party
  • Game Party
  • Broad-Gamer
  • Spectrum Gamer
  • The All Embracing Controller ***

Today we split off into relatively two groups, one group was working on name ideas and getting feedback on our current ideas.  Jaquan was working on the box base for the joystick. Kelvin and Zaheer were working on describing the process of connecting the joystick to the breadboard to the arduino and uploading it to GitHub.

Link to GitHub Page

Test image

Materials needed:

Super Saiyan Scientists Prototyping 5-5-15

Today, Amanda worked on the design of the button based controller. She first jotted down ideas and questions to consider for said controller. After sketching a few designs for the controller, she came up with a rapid prototype with cardboard and foam.

Today Jose worked on SketchUp to make a shell that the joystick can slide into and be protected.

IMG_20150505_174813 IMG_20150505_172340 IMG_20150505_172110

Today Kelvin and Zaheer worked on the coding for the joystick.

int joyPin1 = 0; // slider variable connecetd to analog pin 0
int joyPin2 = 1;

// slider variable connecetd to analog pin 1
int value1 = 0; // variable to read the value from the analog pin 0
int value2 = 0; // variable to read the value from the analog pin 1

void setup() {
void loop() {
// reads the value of the variable resistor
value1 = analogRead(joyPin1);
// this small pause is needed between reading
// analog pins, otherwise we get the same value twice
// reads the value of the variable resistor
value2 = analogRead(joyPin2);

if (value1 > 800) // Y-axis
// if the computer detects a reading over 800 it will activate the up arrow key on the y-axis
else if (value1 < 225) // if the computer’s reading is below 225 it will activate the down arrow key on the y-axis {Keyboard.write(KEY_DOWN_ARROW);} if (value2 > 800) // X-axis
// if the computer detects a reading over 800 it will activate the left arrow key on the x-axis
else if (value2 < 225)
// if the computer detects a reading over 225 it will activate the right arrow key on the x-axis



Super Saiyan Scientist Blog 4/28/15

What did we accomplish today?

– Created a raw design of how we would re-design the joystick

– This design is to prevent the joystick from moving in diagonal directions


– We also focused on the marketing aspect of our project; who is our audience and a short statement describing what our product is


– Positives and negatives of the current state of the project


– We also came up with ideas for the future: how we’re going to improve upon the controllers we currently have and what we plan to do within the next few weeks.

IMG_20150428_174057 IMG_20150428_174551

Comments for our project pitch:

– Clarify definition of the makey makey

-Specify references and interviewees

-specify and explain technologies

Prototyping 4/21/15

Unity: Jaquan started to experiment with the unity engines 2d video game capabilities, adjusting and fine tuning different mechanics. Jose and Julian tested and taught themselves about the 3d environment capabilities.

ControllerKelvin, Amanda and patrick were fixing and adjusting the controls on our bread board. They also attempted to salvage our foot pedal control, which had broke without warning or reason.


Next: Our next steps are to finalize our controller, fixing bugs and adapting it to Paul. Next is to connect our game element to the controller element.

Prototyping Blog Post By THE SUPER SAIYAN SCIENTISTS!!!!!

Super Saiyan Scientists

What is the state of your project right now?

We are experimenting with a small joystick to find out the controls and how we would go about using it.

What did you accomplish this meeting? (new improvements, updates)

We had a soldering session and we soldered the joystick to a PCB (aka circuit board) and we hooked it up to a breadboard and had it turn on and off an LED light

Who worked on what?

Jaquan and Julian soldered the metal prongs to the PCB and Zaheer and Amanda soldered the joystick to the PCB

What is your plan for next week?

Next week we plan to use the joystick with the arduino and plan our joystick design.


IMG_20150331_174013 IMG_20150331_172925 IMG_20150331_171540 IMG_20150331_171533 IMG_20150331_165213 IMG_20150331_165207

WHO CAN COME IN OVER SPRING BREAK? WHO CAN COME EARLY? (if there are enough of you, we will ask your tech mentor to come if they can)

The people that can come are





Both Amanda and Jaquan can come early

Shopping list (with links!)


Super Saiyan 2nd Interview Notes


Paul cannot use head based controls, needs to look good(doesn’t make people look twice), hopefully multi functional, only half of the body can function, physical movement is a problem, game similar to GTA, control similar to a stick shift, durable controller, doesn’t mind solo or group.


– Designing a joystick that is similar to the power chair joystick

We are going to use the arduino joystick for our next prototype

– Designing a joystick with an attachable function (clamp), so we can attach it to the chair

– Buy a joystick and modify it ourselves or create a joystick from scratch? WHO KNOWS!??!!?


Shopping List:

– Buttons: Amazon we need 2

– Velcro: From another group

–   Foot pedal:  Amazon