Apprenticeship blog template:

What is your apprenticeship?

Give us a rundown of what you did this week?

Your favorite part?

What you’ve learned?

FEEL FREE TO ELABORATE AND ADD MORE! Photos and videos welcome!



Summer 2015 Apprenticeships!!


As we get confirmations on Apprenticeship opportunities, we will post applications & descriptions here. You can apply to all of them, or one or none! Applications are due by Wednesday June 10th.

ROKO Labs: 1 Apprenticeship, July 6th – August 14th (Full time!)

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Being a tech startup, every day is an adventure but we have the benefit of having some amazing clients at our mobile strategy and development consultancy – our clients include a few Fortune 500 companies (NYSE, CNBC), some international companies (Macquarie, Tullet Prebon), and other startups (Snaps!, BoxSmart, BrightWire) and are signing up new clients each month. I just know that there is so much a MOUSE Corps Apprentice can add to our organization as we push to grow our organization, and hopefully we can help the next generation of entrepreneurs dream even bigger! Bonus: your mentor would be the Board Chair of MOUSE!

DoITT: 1 Apprenticeship, July 6th – August 14th (Full time!)

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DoITT is a Technology Agency with the City of New York. We take pride in our work and belief that our agency is in the business of helping New Yorkers everyday. It is a delight that we are able to offer an internship to students who are our future. Internship programs are a learning experience for both the Mentee and Mentor.

Storefront Science: 3 Apprenticeships, July 27th – August 14th (12 Days total) 9-4pm

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Storefront Science is an education center that engages children through inquiry and exploration. This summer, they are looking for two creative, tech-savvy apprentices help run a 3 weeks of science and technology summer camp. Apprentices will work as co-teachers and mentors sharing ideas, helping students, leading activities in subjects like Tinkering and Lego Robotics, and taking photos and videos. Students may also help with managing the technology that it takes to run a small business!

WNET: 1 Apprenticeships, July 6th – August 14th (24 Days total)

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WNET is New York’s flagship public media provider, who produces and presents such acclaimed PBS series asNature, Great Performances, American Masters, PBS NewsHour Weekend, Charlie Roseand a range of documentaries, children’s programs, and local news and cultural offerings available on air and online. We are seeking an apprentice to work in our production department, behind the scenes.

Elia Life: 3-6 Apprenticeships, July 6th – August 14th, 3 days a week.

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Elia Life is a very unique start up working on developing language tools for the blind and visually impaired. We are looking for an apprentice to engage our social media efforts, product testing, game development ideas, and for general office operations (file management, printing, literature searches of scientific and engineering publications).

Dazzling Discoveries: 3+ Apprenticeships, July 6th – August 14th or more (Full time)

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We do a wide range of engineering, science and technology activities with elementary school age children. We offer a great opportunity for high school students to teach younger students and learn for themselves as well. Help run summer camps with projects in robotics, arduino, 3D printing etc!

EDC Center for Children & Technology (CCT) 2 Apprenticeships, July 6th – August 14th 2 days a week!

Click here to learn more and to ApplyEDC_logo

EDC designs, implements, and evaluates programs to improve education, health, and economic opportunity worldwide. Collaborating with both public and private partners, we strive for a world where all people are empowered to live healthy, productive lives.

EDC is committed to education that builds knowledge and skill, makes possible a deeper understanding of the world, and engages learners as active, problem-solving participants. While the issues we address are diverse, all that we do is united by our conviction that learning is the liberating force in human development. This is a research apprenticeship for the  Center for Children and Technology.



+ One sentence description

DESIGN TEAM: team name and individual names


Draw & embed a blueprint of your final prototype, show it from multiple angles, and clearly label all of the parts (the parts list below is a numbered list – you could use those numbers in your blueprint

PARTS LIST: (final list of materials used with measurements)

IMPLEMENTATION TUTORIAL: (step by step instructions on how to build your final prototype! Include code, photos (if applicable) etc)




Ideas for the future/improving thins?


Prototyping Blog template!

Team Name!

What is the state of your project right now?

What did you accomplish this meeting? (new improvements, updates)

Who worked on what?

What is your plan for next week?


WHO CAN COME IN OVER SPRING BREAK? WHO CAN COME EARLY? (if there are enough of you, we will ask your tech mentor to come if they can)

Shopping list (with links!)


UCP second interviews

Plan for next week:

Who is taking pictures?
Who is interviewing (remember everyone can ask questions)
Who is video taping?
Who is recording answers? (at least 2)

Here is how our idea has changed:

What do you think of ___________ change?

Can you forsee any problems using this?

Think of all the different aspects of your project and make questions for each part:

Ask them to USE your prototypes so far

Remember your interview tips! (show me, tell me, draw it, step by step, 5 whys)

New Questions!



Project goals and timeline!

  • Describe your project idea so far
  • Make a preliminary Materials list
  • Make a preliminary blueprint/drawing AND/OR paper-prototype (photos
  • Decide what elements of your design you will build first/make a prototyping action plan
    • Goal by end of February
    • Goal by end of March
    • Goal by end of April
    • Goal by mid May (Finished!)
  • Materials needed for next meeting: