Mentor a MOUSE Corps Apprentice

An Apprenticeship is a learning relationship between a student Apprentice and a professional Mentor who collaborate on authentic technology-related projects.

MOUSE is looking for amazing mentors to host high school students this summer.

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Mouse Corps @ Maker Faire NYC Sept 20, 2014


MOUSE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers underserved youth to learn, lead and create with technology, preparing them with skills essential for their academic and career success. Founded in 1997, MOUSE programs are having a positive and lasting impact on thousands of students at hundreds of sites nationwide.  Learn more about MOUSE.

The MOUSE Corps Technology Design Program

Building on our students’ interest in creating and building new technologies, MOUSE Corps is a youth design and technology program for high school students from MOUSE Squads across New York City.  Students who apply and take part in this year-long afterschool program (a cohort of 25) are self-proclaimed geeks, techies, artists, activists, innovators and tinkerers who will achieve over 100 hours of applied design, technology, workplace and leadership experience through their participation in MOUSE Corps.

MOUSE Corps students use a human-centered design process to brainstorm, prototype, and present a technology project that addresses a social need. They do so through MOUSE’s hands on, experiential learning process developed alongside industry partners from global design firms like IDEO, and with the support of others in the design community, including The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

During the school year, MOUSE Corps students learn and practice the fundamentals of human-centered design and iteration as they build their “Legacy Projects” in small teams with a technology mentor. The Legacy Project design theme changes annually – this year, MOUSE Corps students are designing and prototyping technology solutions to unique challenges facing the community at United Cerebral Palsy.

Students present their Legacy Projects at local and national events and competitions including World Maker Faire, the White House Science Fair, Interaction Design & Children, The Emoti-Con NYC Media & Tech Challenge, and New York Tech Meetup.


Art Squared Legacy Project at Maker Faire, designed for an artist with cerebral palsy.

Who are the MOUSE Corps Apprentices?

… Self-Proclaimed Geeks, Techies, Artists, Activists, Problem-solvers, Innovators & Makers.
… NYC public school 10th-12th graders from underserved communities throughout the 5 boroughs.
… Each apprentice has achieved over 100 hours of project-based design, research, communication, problem-solving, leadership, professionalism and teamwork training.
… Teens who are excited to apply their diverse technology, design and leadership skills towards real-world projects with professional mentors.

Click below for mini-bios of the current MOUSE Corps student team:


Apprentice and Mentor at WNET working on a post-production project.

Ideal Apprenticeships: Identifying the right projects

Through Summer Apprenticeships, students build skills and explore career pathways with technology mentors across diverse professional settings. MOUSE Corps helps students pursue their interests in technology and develop skills essential in today’s workforce, including teamwork, project management, design, research, analytical thinking, problem solving, and leadership.

Applied Technology Projects

Mentors work with apprentices on specific projects that foreground the application of technology and design skills. MOUSE Corps apprentices are seeking opportunities to build experiences through the following:



Apprentices at arts & media non-profit, REV-, designing photo-stories to spread the word about the “Bibliobandido” – a fictional villian promoting literacy among youth.

Partner Organizations

Applied technology projects happen across all industries.  MOUSE Corps apprenticeships have had great success in start-ups, non-profit organizations, small and large corporations, government agencies, higher education, and more.

Summer 2014 Partners:

Past partner organizations include:,, Citigroup, Cloudhead Art, Davis, Polk & Wardwell, EDC, ELIA Life Technology, Fogcreek Software, Hive NYC/Mozilla, LivePerson, McGraw-Hill, New York City Council, New York Life, Northrup Grumman, the NYC Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications, People’s Production House/Rev-, ROKO Labs, Storefront Science, Sullivan & Cromwell, Tekserve, Time Inc., WNET and many more.


Peizhu’s apprenticeship at Sullivan and Cromwell.

Daily Stipend & Scholarship

With your help, we can close the opportunity gap.

Too many of tomorrow’s innovators from NY’s underserved schools must choose between minimum-wage summer jobs and unpaid summer opportunities that could drastically improve their pathway toward professional roles in the tech sector. Together, MOUSE and our partner organizations can help eliminate the opportunity gap. To make summer apprenticeships a real option for all of our students, All MOUSE Corps apprentices receive daily food/travel reimbursements and a $1000 end of summer education scholarship. But we need your help…

We ask all Mentor organizations to cover the cost of a $20/day travel and food reimbursements for each apprentice. The total reimbursement amount will be determined depending on how many days you are able to host your apprentice. All MOUSE Corps apprentices also receive a $1000 educational scholarship at the end of the summer. In addition to the The MOUSE Corps Apprenticeship program costs approximately $10,000 each year in operational costs. This translates to roughly $400 per student.

Total Apprenticeship Fees

  • $20/Day Reimbursement (a 2-way Metrocard and $15/Day food)
  • $1000 Education Scholarship (awarded to each apprentice at the end of the summer)
  • $400 operational donation to MOUSE per apprentice

While we do not require that every Mentor Organization support costs beyond the reimbursement for food and travel, we ask that you consider including the $1000 Education Scholarship and the $400 operational donation to MOUSE in your support of the program. If you or your organization is able to sponsor a scholarship or several scholarships this year, please contact MOUSE Associate Director of Learning Design, Meredith Summs: or 646-584-1560.


Each Time Inc apprentice worked for 2 weeks, full time, spread out over the summer.

Scheduling your Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Season: July 6th—August 14th

Most apprentices are available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between July 6th and August 14th. On Tuesdays, all MOUSE Corps apprentices participate in professional development and team-building workshops at MOUSE HQ.

Work Days & Hours

Apprentices can work no more than 24 work days (6 weeks) and no less than 8 work days (2 weeks). A work day should be between 2 and 7 hours, plus breaks. Some Apprentices have weekend availability. Here are a few example schedules:

24 Day Apprenticeship (Maximum)
6 weeks, 4 days per week
2-7 hours per day
$480 Food/Travel reimbursements

18 Day Apprenticeship
6 weeks, 3 days a week
2-7 hours per day
$360 Food/Travel reimbursements


12 Day Apprenticeship
6 weeks, 2 days a week
Or 4 weeks, 3 days a week (etc)
2-7 hours per day
$240 Food/Travel reimbursements


8 Day Apprenticeship (Minimum)
2 weeks, 4 days a week
Or 4 weeks, 2 days a week (etc)
2-7 hours per day
$160 Food/Travel reimbursements



Mentors at LivePerson created a thoughtful, Hunger-Games-Themed “Welcome” poster for their Apprentice.

Mentor Commitment

Great Mentors make a transformative impact on the lives of their Apprentices.

“I appreciated the opportunity to make a positive impact on the life and future of a NYC public school youth. Throughout the experience, it was valuable to get perspective from the interns on how their generation perceives communication, community, social media, and technology.”
– Myke Mansberger, a Mentor from LivePerson

Mentors agree to:

  • Share your experience/career pathway with your Apprentices—your guidance will help your apprentice set career and college goals and give them the confidence to start taking steps to realize them.
  • Identify opportunities for Apprentices to learn from and collaborate on hands-on, applied technology projects.
  • Participate in an Apprenticeship Orientation with a MOUSE educator on how to work with high school youth.
  • Create a welcoming, collaborative and safe work environment for Apprentices.
  • Provide caring and thoughtful feedback to Apprentices on their work, recognizing that for some, this is their first experience in a professional setting.
  • Coordinate funding for a $20/day Educational Stipend.
  • Communicate regularly with MOUSE and complete a post-evaluation.

What Happens Next: Application, Apprentice-matching and Orientation

The application to become a Mentor for a MOUSE Corps Apprentice is due April 10th at the latest. After receiving your application, MOUSE will work to identify the right Apprentice/s for your organization—taking into consideration their interests, experience, and schedule. When the apprentice has been selected, MOUSE will email you their information and set up a time for you to meet them.

Click here to fill out the Mentor Application by April 10, 2015.

Mentor Orientation
In June, all Mentors will receive an orientation training—either in person or via Skype. Ideally, we will include your Apprentice/s in the orientation.

MOUSE will work to identify the right apprentice/s for your organization: matching your needs with their learning goals. When the apprentice has been selected, MOUSE will email you their information—including a short bio, photo, Linked-In profile and a link to their project blog.

The $20/day food/travel reimbursement is due by June 15th. Please also consider making a tax-deductible donation of $1400/per Apprentice to cover the Scholarship and operational costs. Details here. With 23 MOUSE Corps students available for apprenticeships this year, MOUSE is seeking support to raise $33,000.

Thank you!

For more information, please contact MOUSE Corps Program Coordinator, Maggie Muldoon:



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