UCP Second-Round Interview


Plan for next week: 

  • Interview Vernita and get her opinion on various iterations that we have designed. We also want her to physically try out one of the prototypes that we have come up with.

Who is taking pictures?

  • Anthony

Who is interviewing (remember everyone can ask questions)

  • Malcolm
  • Caroline

Who is video taping?

  • Kayla

Who is recording answers? (at least 2)

  • Jasdev
  • Avishek

Here is how our idea has changed:

  • We went from a one handed keyboard idea to a more innovative input technique using either a Joystick or a rolling ball

What do you think of ___________ change?

  • What do you think of the aforementioned change, do you think that you would feel comfortable using such a design? Would you rather use a traditional input method or are you willing to learn new methods.

Can you forsee any problems using this?

  • As mentioned before the main issue is that the speed will be inhibited until Vernita gets used to the design, and because it is so different from traditional methods this will take a while.

Think of all the different aspects of your project and make questions for each part (New Questions):

1. Do you like the ideas that we have just presented?
2. Why do you like or not like these ideas?
3. If so, what would you like us to change for comfort or functionality?
4. If not, do you have any suggestions on how we can improve it?
5. Between the joy-stick model and the wheel model, which do you prefer?

The rest of the interaction will be based on gleaning as much information as possible from these questions and asking what can be done to improve these ideas to better suit Vernita’s needs.

Required Materials

  • Joystick (No need to order, has already been placed – has yet to arrive as of 3/3/15)
  • Trackball

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