WNET Week 3

My last week at WNET I was invited to take a look and help out at the studio and the broadcasting room, Usually the studio and the broadcasting room are in the same place but for WNET the broadcasting room is on 50th st and the studio is on 66th st, weird. I was stand in audience they had this cool old school vibe band that mixed songs from 1961 all together with jokes in between with facts. I couldn’t take in the studio are once the got started which sucks but it was okay. To set up the lights it took about three hours total because they had to reset the lights again. Later in the week I was also able to see how production planning works and how detail-orientated  you have to be to set up shoots thinking about what you need to bring, what do we do if this happens or that. It was interesting to see all that I noticed that nothing is as easy as they make it look on T.V., at the end of my apprenticeship I realize how everyone here works has a team and if people are missing it postpones the operation.

WP_20150722_005 WP_20150722_006 WP_20150722_003WP_20150722_001WP_20150722_002WP_20150722_004WP_20150722_007

This picture looks like this because I took a check picture with my finger on the flash while they were doing the show.


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