Summer 2015 Apprenticeships!!


As we get confirmations on Apprenticeship opportunities, we will post applications & descriptions here. You can apply to all of them, or one or none! Applications are due by Wednesday June 10th.

ROKO Labs: 1 Apprenticeship, July 6th – August 14th (Full time!)

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Being a tech startup, every day is an adventure but we have the benefit of having some amazing clients at our mobile strategy and development consultancy – our clients include a few Fortune 500 companies (NYSE, CNBC), some international companies (Macquarie, Tullet Prebon), and other startups (Snaps!, BoxSmart, BrightWire) and are signing up new clients each month. I just know that there is so much a MOUSE Corps Apprentice can add to our organization as we push to grow our organization, and hopefully we can help the next generation of entrepreneurs dream even bigger! Bonus: your mentor would be the Board Chair of MOUSE!

DoITT: 1 Apprenticeship, July 6th – August 14th (Full time!)

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DoITT is a Technology Agency with the City of New York. We take pride in our work and belief that our agency is in the business of helping New Yorkers everyday. It is a delight that we are able to offer an internship to students who are our future. Internship programs are a learning experience for both the Mentee and Mentor.


Storefront Science: 3 Apprenticeships, July 27th – August 14th (12 Days total)

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Storefront Science is an education center that engages children through inquiry and exploration. This summer, they are looking for two creative, tech-savvy apprentices help run a 3 weeks of science and technology summer camp. Apprentices will work as co-teachers and mentors sharing ideas, helping students, leading activities in subjects like Tinkering and Lego Robotics, and taking photos and videos. Students may also help with managing the technology that it takes to run a small business!

WNET: 1 Apprenticeships, July 6th – August 14th (24 Days total)

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WNET is New York’s flagship public media provider, who produces and presents such acclaimed PBS series asNature, Great Performances, American Masters, PBS NewsHour Weekend, Charlie Roseand a range of documentaries, children’s programs, and local news and cultural offerings available on air and online. We are seeking an apprentice to work in our production department, behind the scenes.

Elia Life: 3-6 Apprenticeships, July 6th – August 14th, 3 days a week.

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Elia Life is a very unique start up working on developing language tools for the blind and visually impaired. We are looking for an apprentice to engage our social media efforts, product testing, game development ideas, and for general office operations (file management, printing, literature searches of scientific and engineering publications).

Dazzling Discoveries: 3+ Apprenticeships, July 6th – August 14th or more (Full time)

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We do a wide range of engineering, science and technology activities with elementary school age children. We offer a great opportunity for high school students to teach younger students and learn for themselves as well. Help run summer camps with projects in robotics, arduino, 3D printing etc!



+ One sentence description

DESIGN TEAM: team name and individual names


Draw & embed a blueprint of your final prototype, show it from multiple angles, and clearly label all of the parts (the parts list below is a numbered list – you could use those numbers in your blueprint

PARTS LIST: (final list of materials used with measurements)

IMPLEMENTATION TUTORIAL: (step by step instructions on how to build your final prototype! Include code, photos (if applicable) etc)




Ideas for the future/improving thins?



Feedback from Paul:

  • Blue attachment is too heavy for joystick piece try using just the stress ball
  • Make attachment half the size of the one we have
  • Red nose/ stress ball attachment works as joystick attachment
  • Add button to joystick design possibly make use of button function already in joystick
  • Cube Design is inconvenient so use button on one surface
  • Buttons and surface on cube are too big
  • Fix box for joystick add wings with screw holes so it can slide into to something to attach to chair
  • Add part to box that will allow us to click in another part to make box surround joystick
  • Make buttons for button based controller out of moldable plastic

Name Ideas

  • Motion in Joy
  • Play Parade ****
  • Controller Party
  • Game-Able ****
  • Play-Able
  • Game-Ability******(Final Decision!!!!!)
  • Gamer Party
  • Game Party
  • Broad-Gamer
  • Spectrum Gamer
  • The All Embracing Controller ***

Today we split off into relatively two groups, one group was working on name ideas and getting feedback on our current ideas.  Jaquan was working on the box base for the joystick. Kelvin and Zaheer were working on describing the process of connecting the joystick to the breadboard to the arduino and uploading it to GitHub.

Link to GitHub Page

Test image

Materials needed:

Aqua-Blue Phoenix Update 5/12/15

Quick Updates:

  • Designed logo
  • Added suction cups to the bottom of joystick
  • Finished the design for the flash keyboard
  • Attempted redesigning the joystick to match Vernita’s preferences
  • Finished the design for 3-D printed armrests


  • 3-D print the armrests
  • Redesign the logo
  • Finish programming the flash keyboard
  • Finish the redesign for the joystick

20150512_175314 20150512_175329 20150512_175406

Last prototyping meeting

Today we painted the box black. We started to add colorful stripes to the box, but it did not dry yet.

Our goal for our next prototyping meeting is to finish the paint job, cut hole in box for remote wire, and organize wires.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Mind-Controlling Cats – Last Prototyping Day!

DSC00850 DSC00851 DSC00852 DSC00853 DSC00854 DSC00856 DSC00857 DSC00858 DSC00859 DSC00860 DSC00861

On our last prototyping day, we’re working on finalizing what we can. Omar and I worked towards completing and closing the pillow, which meant lots of last minute sewing and lots and lots of cotton. Everyone else worked on the coding, which they’re working hard to perfect. We plan on setting up at least one last day so we can finishing completing our final prototype.



Super Saiyan Scientists Prototyping 5-5-15

Today, Amanda worked on the design of the button based controller. She first jotted down ideas and questions to consider for said controller. After sketching a few designs for the controller, she came up with a rapid prototype with cardboard and foam.

Today Jose worked on SketchUp to make a shell that the joystick can slide into and be protected.

IMG_20150505_174813 IMG_20150505_172340 IMG_20150505_172110

Today Kelvin and Zaheer worked on the coding for the joystick.

int joyPin1 = 0; // slider variable connecetd to analog pin 0
int joyPin2 = 1;

// slider variable connecetd to analog pin 1
int value1 = 0; // variable to read the value from the analog pin 0
int value2 = 0; // variable to read the value from the analog pin 1

void setup() {
void loop() {
// reads the value of the variable resistor
value1 = analogRead(joyPin1);
// this small pause is needed between reading
// analog pins, otherwise we get the same value twice
// reads the value of the variable resistor
value2 = analogRead(joyPin2);

if (value1 > 800) // Y-axis
// if the computer detects a reading over 800 it will activate the up arrow key on the y-axis
else if (value1 < 225)
// if the computer’s reading is below 225 it will activate the down arrow key on the y-axis

if (value2 > 800) // X-axis
// if the computer detects a reading over 800 it will activate the left arrow key on the x-axis
else if (value2 < 225)
// if the computer detects a reading over 225 it will activate the right arrow key on the x-axis