Mind-Controlling Cats Update (3-24-15)


The team split up into two groups, each more focused on the size and shape of a possible prototype. Our efforts produced two possible prototypes, one focused on 3 separate attachments and one focused on 5 separate attachments. The idea/concept of these attachments is that there would be an arduiino in each one linked to a different pressure sensor. Next week, we will decide on which way to go and begin working with an open source art program for testing with the Arduiino.

IMG_0914 IMG_0913 IMG_0912

flora (tbd)

1 yard black vinyl

1 bag stuffing 

1 order of these silicone dots

MouseCORPS-Super Saiyan Scientists Update

We received a button and foot-pedal; each being possible inputs for our end goal: to create useful inputs for an enjoyable game. Patrick, our supervisor, has shown us how to ‘bread board’.

We’ve discovered that the LED light (included with the button) always receives power from the side pins no matter what. With the bottom pins we’ve found that it functions as a ground and the back pins connect to the power source. If the top pin is connected it’s on by default and will be turned off and vice verse for the bottom pin.

We’ve also begun to experiment with a PCB Joystick and explore what wonders and ideas we’ll be able to pull off with the use of Arduino. We attached wires to it to attempt to get it to work but even by going into the code we were unable to make it work. Hopefully, next week, we’ll be able to be successful in our usage of the PCB joystick.

Plans for next time:

Patrick will attempt to fix and get the joystick to work.

Julian and X will continue on prototyping for the joystick and maybe attempt to use the Maker Bot.

Jose and X will attempt to use the joystick in tandem with the game.

Jaquan and X will work on the foot pedal.

Making Progress

So today we created a prototype out of Styrofoam; Verinta helped us test out our prototype and brought up a few concerns that we will need to account for in later prototypes. For instance we were constructing our prototype with the assumption that a foot is flat, but that is not the case.


If you notice her foot can not actually settle flat on the platform we created. Instead of having a top for the platform we will open it up and use memory foam so the shoe will slide in and form to the persons foot. It will also have a strap to keep the shoe in place. Also because of this we may have to make the platform wider .

Aqua-Blue Phoenix Status Update – 3/24/15

Current Status

This meeting was essentially a day for research and testing out various ways to create an on-screen keyboard. In the beginning of the day we started by mapping the joystick however we have run into several problems. The biggest issue is that there are certain features of the program that are not working as intended. The next portion was figuring out how to create a virtual keyboard. The issue we ran into with that is the term “virtual keyboard” is rather inaccurate and not specific enough to our overall goals. Instead what we are trying to create is a Transparent On-Screen Keyboard. We looked into several applications in order to create this including HTML. This however is not the proper way to go about this as an HTML coded keyboard only works in a specific field as opposed to actually creating a keyboard.

Future Plans

For the next meeting we need to map the keys for the joystick and work out all the bugs associated with this. The next big step is creating the On-Screen Keyboard. As of now we are looking into creating the keyboard in C++. This means that we need to learn C++ to a reasonable degree either by the next meeting or during the next meeting.

Surprise Update: As of 5:45~ we got the joystick working. It was a driver problem however we managed to resolve it. This means that we just need to finalize the mapping process.

This this gonna work out (3-17-25 Update)

The info that we received from Natalie last week was extremely useful, filling in gaps in our idea, as well as giving us a new one. She suggested that we make the base of the device black and making the buttons on it multicolored and she also thought that it would be a good idea to make little mini pillows that connect to the main piece to act as extra inputs. Our future prototype designs will continue to evolve coming off of these ideas

Super Saiyan 2nd Interview Notes


Paul cannot use head based controls, needs to look good(doesn’t make people look twice), hopefully multi functional, only half of the body can function, physical movement is a problem, game similar to GTA, control similar to a stick shift, durable controller, doesn’t mind solo or group.


– Designing a joystick that is similar to the power chair joystick

We are going to use the arduino joystick for our next prototype

– Designing a joystick with an attachable function (clamp), so we can attach it to the chair

– Buy a joystick and modify it ourselves or create a joystick from scratch? WHO KNOWS!??!!?


Shopping List:

– Buttons: Amazon we need 2

- Velcro: From another group

–   Foot pedal:  Amazon

3-10-15 aquabluephoenix blog

We have selected the joystick and virtual keyboard idea for our project. The joystick we plan to use is this one: