So we came up with the actual structure of what will hold the “shirt”, it is basically a less traditional tripods. This structure later became a modified hanger that attaches to the contraption. We then finally made a “still in the works” prototype of our overall project.


Prototyping Models/ Ideas

So today we decided to make our model keyboard with keys we got out of a QWERTY keyboard. We made did different variation of ideas of how the keys would be set up on our keyboard we would makke.


We also decided to make model of the cups surrounding the keys, there are different variations of that as well.


There were also other ideas that sprung up as well such as an idea of not just a keyboard, But a joystick or sphere ball/ Track ball  to select the letters on the computer by moving the joystick or for the sphere ball to slowly glide through a letter system a-z and all  keys and numbers. Maybe a touch pad that would go on to the computer when she typed with a stylus pen. Maybe a light up 4×4 pad that lights up the letter that you are on when you move the trackball around the letters, it has click button on the side for you to can hit when your on the letter you want.



Mind-Controlling Cats 2/24/15 UPDATE


Today we made physical prototypes out of felt to user test our ideas. Some of these were:

  • Omar: A pillow that would mold to the neck, and have a gradient that you could scroll across to change colors
  • Celeste: A pillow with a gradient that is pressure sensitive
  • Navisha: Asymmetrical pillow to, which would clearly demonstrate the difference between left, right, up, down
  • Mickell: Neck pillow with head rest extension, with all of it being pressure sensitive
  • Carlos: Based on the original design, with two distinct buttons that would serve to change colors between “warmer” and “colder” colors.


photo 1photo 3

Next Steps:

We’ll be creating and testing pressure sensor configurations with Ardiuno and LED lights, to further develop our ideas.

New Materials:

  • Ardiuno Board
  • Basic Pressure Sensors
  • LED Lights
  • More Felt


Today we worked on prototyping different controllers.

The game we used to test the controllers out was Canabalt http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/510303

The prototype controllers are as follows:

IMG_20150224_173600 IMG_20150224_173625 IMG_20150224_173635


-conductive thread http://www.amazon.com/CanaKit-Conductive-Thread-Bobbin-Bobbins/dp/B007R9UA4S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424817613&sr=8-1&keywords=conductive+thread

-conductive fabric http://www.amazon.com/Conductive-Fabric-12-x13-MedTex130/dp/B004G4ZLRI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1424817728&sr=8-2&keywords=conductive+fabric

– Needles


Goals for next week

-Make a fabric based controller

-Make glove controller that works better

-Try another game

Super Saiyan Scientist BLOG POST


  • We’ve been working on a game and controller. We plan for this game to be a multiplayer, platformer game which involves competition between the two players. The controller would allow for multiple inputs to the game such as motion tracking, one and multiple button inputs, voice-control, and other accessible mediums.
    • Materials: Conductive thread, Conductive thread, MaKey MaKey, Arduino, Omni-Palette-Style Buttons
  • Make a preliminary blueprint/drawing AND/OR paper-prototype (photos
  • Decide what elements of your design you will build first/make a prototyping action plan
    • Goal by end of February
  • Test out the Makey-makey
  • 1st prototypes involving the Makey-makey
  • Have a solid of idea of the project and what needs to be done
    • Goal by end of March
  •  Design and create 2 controllers
  • 1st prototype with the program, Scratch
  • Design the game
    • Goal by end of April
  •  Arudino controller prototype
  •  Playtested controller
  • 3rd Controller by April
    • Goal by mid May (Finished!)
  • Materials needed for next meeting:

Types of receivers

– Eye movement

– Voice controlled

– Conductive material

– Accelerometer

– Movement of feet

– 2 large buttons

– Movement of fingers


Amanda: Javascript and Alice

Julian Q: HTML, Sinatra, CSS

Jose: Javascript

Kelvin: Javascript, C++, HTML, CSS

Zaheer: HTML, Javascript

– Also experience in sowing, soddering, art, sketchup, and tinkering


Time Traveling Hemingway

Project goals and timeline!

  • Describe your project idea so far
  • Make a preliminary Materials list
  • Make a preliminary blueprint/drawing AND/OR paper-prototype (photos
  • Decide what elements of your design you will build first/make a prototyping action plan …

Our idea is a button activated pulley system that helps people who either can’t or don’t want to put on their shirt on themselves

pulley system

We will first construct the pulley system that will create the shirt to person transfer. Next, we will create the button and attach it to the pulley system. Finally we will create the things that will hold the shirt to the mechanism