Week two at NYU Lagone Medical Center

Monday resulted in me doing the same thing I did last week speaking to patient about mychart, I have to say it was the most boring job ever I was literally fighting sleep. Then Tuesday came and my director saw this wasn’t the job for me I was better equipped to do other thing so she had me file through though letters, send faxes, and prepare letters. Then my boss came in a notice when I speaking to the patient I didn’t have that seller smile she told me put on but I don’t do thing like that (smile for no reason). So she saw that I given a better position were my current skills will be refine, so I was sent to HR the next day to the wellness program under the benefit department. I started with working on the scanning project which basically many scanning a bunch of files since the department was moving floor and could transport all those files since space will be limited. That hole day was spent learning but most scanning document I scan over 200,000 documents. Thursday was scanning and also networking with fellow interns. Then Friday the best of it all I help my director do budget it was such a tideous task because I had to find and ever information on every expense and put it in a spread sheet. I learn it important to write down what you work on at work to remind yourself and to prove your actual getting work done.  


WNET Week 3

My last week at WNET I was invited to take a look and help out at the studio and the broadcasting room, Usually the studio and the broadcasting room are in the same place but for WNET the broadcasting room is on 50th st and the studio is on 66th st, weird. I was stand in audience they had this cool old school vibe band that mixed songs from 1961 all together with jokes in between with facts. I couldn’t take in the studio are once the got started which sucks but it was okay. To set up the lights it took about three hours total because they had to reset the lights again. Later in the week I was also able to see how production planning works and how detail-orientated  you have to be to set up shoots thinking about what you need to bring, what do we do if this happens or that. It was interesting to see all that I noticed that nothing is as easy as they make it look on T.V., at the end of my apprenticeship I realize how everyone here works has a team and if people are missing it postpones the operation.

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This picture looks like this because I took a check picture with my finger on the flash while they were doing the show.

WNET Week 1

I was a little over-excited getting I couldn’t wait to go so I came thirty minutes early.During my first week at WNET I was shown around the offices and introduce to many different people. I also ate lunch with another intern from the finance department her name was Lucy and she was from Baruch High School, Her mentor thought it would be a great idea that we could meet another intern, Which it was. The first thing I was able to do one my first day was to work under Brian the Archive master. He showed me how the process of getting orders to archive projected. He also showed me the 3 TB drives they had to store the projects and the storage room was really cold and loud but that made sense because there were servers in that room. That Wednesday I was able to work in the help desk room for the next two days. They had me pull up new desktops from their storage room all the way in the basement of the building and there was only one elevator that could be take down there but it took forever to arrive each time. The storage room had so many different mice, Desktops, and Monitors. I had to take up six desktops and like seven monitors. The next day I guess the senior of the help desk room Wayne, made me go through a troubleshooting test to see how reacted in a situation where the computer wasn’t working. I learned a lot of different things I didn’t know before all of the testing. Then on Friday I was taken to the Ingest room. This is a met Jermaine’s secret secret weapon Erick. On this day Erick taught me how to work the machines in the room and tested out my knowledge of filming and broadcasting rates and frames. He also showed me how to use Final cut pro and gave a tour of the editing world of WNET.


Aegis Capital Apprentiship?? Kinda Late Week 1 Supposed to be 7-10-15

So this week at the financial institution we call Aegis Capital Corp, the big bosses have been driving the operations department absolutely crazy. We have multiple branches and within the last two weeks we have on-boarded three more branches. One in Coral Gables, another in Sarasota and finally one in Portland, Oregon. Though we are only fully responsible for one of said branches it seems as if we are doing a majority of the paperwork for all of them. It has been beyond hectic and the brokers aren’t making it any easier. My job has been faxing, scanning and sending out lead letters and other various odd jobs to make the lives of those in the operations department slightly easier. But anyway, Amanda signing out!!

Elia Life Week 1: Kelvin Yu

On the 16th of July I started my summer apprenticeship at Elia Life and within 4 hours of working I managed to learn a completely new alphabet! Right at the start of the internship Andrew Chepaitis and Monique Alofs, our coordinators, introduced us to their reinvented version of Braille, the Elia alphabet, and talked about the benefits it has over Braille, the current system of writing/reading for people with visual disabilities. Some of these advantages being easier to learn and in the future when they’re finished with the printer, much easier and cheaper to acquire products with the Elia Alphabet. We were also given a rundown of what they expected us to do during our apprenticeship, and that is to create a database for them that has information on potential crowd funders, because they are still a tech. start-up and in order for the product/idea to become an actual product, they need money and grants. We were also tasked with testing out their current printings of the Elia alphabet on a keyboard cover, which was created with a printer that can melt wax and create the grooves and shapes of the Elia alphabet. Oh and awesome news, we get to work with Chromebooks which were bought specifically just for us to create the databases, woohoo!


On our second day of work, we essentially continued with the product testing of their current Elia alphabet printings on keyboard covers, and I began recording and taking measurements of each keyboard that was printed out, with Google Spreadsheet and a Caliper measuring tool. I also helped in creating a legend for Scrabble that would incorporate the Elia alphabet, which would be sent to a mother who has two kids with visual disabilities, and this would be their way of spending time with each other.


So far, it has been a great experience working with the guys at Elia Life, it is a super chill environment, nice and helpful coordinators, and I can’t wait to get back to work next week.


NYU Lagone Medical Center first week

My first day of work was 07/16/15 I had to arrive before 8:30 so I can recieve my id then meet my director before 9:00. Well that didn’t happen exactly because I had to take the m15 select bus and let just say I had to wait awhile to only then jump onto a crowded bus, after that though every thing went accordingly I got my id then met with my director who spoke with me about what I will be doing this summer. I am task with speaking with patients in the waiting room about signing up for a service known as my chart soon I will be directly helping them sign up. My chart is a service that allows patients to view their medical records, upcoming appointments, and even send messages directly to their doctors. Then  I went straight to work I was a bit nervous because I am quite shy but it was actually fun because some of the patients are really funny. Like this one guy he acted like his wheelchair was a car and ask the nurse for her license before she wheeled him into the office. Then when I went to speak to him he said are actually giving me a chart with all my information if not I don’t want because I don’t like the internet, other we’re totally sold with having a service that did that for them but the rest use it but don’t like because they receive to many emails besides the one about schedule appointments. 

Then that Friday I went to a breakfast meeting with the Pencil were we spoke about financial literacy with workers of Chase Bank who help us create a budget for the summer. 

Ps. I would add picture but I’m not aloud to use my phone at work. 😢

EDC Week 1

July 6th

On our first day we took a deep look into the project RTL (ready to learn) that we will be working with throughout the entire internship. This involved watching and playing the games that were created for the study that was done to evaluate the benefits of educational applications and whether it is as or more effective than pre-existing methods. Most of the games got fairly repetitive quickly but since their intention is to get basic concepts thoroughly understood and memorized it was understandable. The most interesting game was no doubt “Chicken Blast Off” which gave randomly generated space ship parts that needed to be assembled in the proper configuration (it had lots of variety!). This was my first time working in an office environment but I quickly became adjusted to the ambiance. As an exercise for the first day we also had to look up several sources on different stances and arguments about teaching young children with applications and then write a small report on it, this is the file I made.



July 8th

We got to join the EDC – CCT team on their yearly retreat! This started with a trip to the roof of a Queens coffee shop known as Coffeed which is occupied by a roof farm. It grew whatever was demanded by local stores which purchased the locally grown produce. It even had chickens.

20150708_105839 20150708_111602 20150708_152420

Later in the day we took cabs to a picnic spot that was setup on the dock that looks across to Manhattan from Queens. It was a fun and unique second day.