April 14 Update

Jaquan installed Unity3D onto the computer so he could start creating the game that will go with the controller, while unity was downloading, he watched the tutorial video and some other starter videos on how to use it before he got started. jose watched tutorials on how to use unity 5 and helped Amanda and Kelvin with hooking up a button to the Makey-Makey. Amanda and Kelvin took apart a foot switch, also modified it to be a single push on/off instead of double push on/off.

Patrick and Zaheer worked on the breadboard to try to fix a previously unseen problem. For some reason the buttons located upon it started malfunctioning and the ability of Leonardo (Arduino Board) to output data was limited. After they removed the malfunctioning buttons the output seemed to become more stable. Investigating further they saw that there was a discrepancy within the code and diagram and by shifting the wires it appeared to gain a more stable connection.

Julian learned how to start and experiment around in a 3d unity environment and how to start working on a project. I also learned about lighting, opening files and adjusting models.

April 14 – Mind-Controlling Cats

Today, Aayman & Carlos continued to work on the coding for the pillow, and Omar, Seleste & Mickell further worked on it’s structure and creating the actual, physical product. Needless to say, good progress was made! For the upcoming weeks, we’re planning on working towards completing the prototype, as well as it’s accompanying program.

april14 3april14

We only have six more sessions!

Today we began by writing out what we need to accomplish

-Get measurement for the wood.

So we began measuring our prototype and gave better measurement for the actual product, we ended up make it wider and taller.

-Work on the joystick.

So we needed a code for the joystick, we decide to search up one and modify it  to work with our piston

-Design foot holder.

We decided to use grip tape for the surface of the platform and velcro to secure the shoe in place.

Here are the wood measurements that we need for our final prototype:

2 pieces of 12.25 x 10 x .75

2 pieces of 7 x 10 x .75

2 pieces of 7 x 12.5 x .75

20 pieces 1.5 x 1.5 x 1

And here are some other things we need:

http://www.amazon.com/Mob-Skateboard-Grip-Sheet-BUBBLE/dp/B002E0B2BK/ref=sr_1_1?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1429043984&sr=1-1 (2 in quantity)

http://www.exercise-equipment-parts.com/cap-2-2cr.html (4 in quantity)

Aqua-Phoenix Update 4/14/2015

Quick Updates:

  • Continued working on the joystick modding
  • Continued working on the creation of the virtual keyboard
  • Finished making the armrest
  • Working on utilizing a keyboard-slider attachable to wheelchair

Future Plans:

  • Compare two models of armrests
  • Implement comments and input
  • Finish coding the virtual keyboard


20150414_174105 20150414_173809 20150414_173823

IMG_1025 IMG_1027 IMG_1031

Much useful work was done today. Between half of us working on coding for the purpose of workin on our own simplistic drawing program as well as to test the code for the things we want it to do (delete,select,undo etc), while the other half worked on continuing making the next version of our physical prototype which is going to be made using 2 different types of material. nothing too too special happened but we were actually able toget some of the code for the buttons done correctly

Shopping liuhst:

Glue Sticks http://www.amazon.com/Purpose-Stik-Mini-Glue-Sticks/dp/B003JZII34


Bonus: A Wild Maggie has appeared!IMG_1032


Aqua Blue Phoenix Team – Spring Break Progress

Today we tested our first prototype! 


20150407_163657We went around a gathered people  from the other teams to come and test our the joy stick as a key board! While they use it we wrote down their comments and feed back, this will help us address things we can fix that we didn’t notice.

20150407_173851Our main comments were:

  • Lower the sensitivity
  • The whole joystick moves on the table (so to grip it to the table/stabilize it)
  • Arm Rest

We also emailed Vernita and asked her some questions:
1> A picture of her work space
2> Would it be easier for the joystick to be mounted to her desk, or wheel chair?

Update – Time traveling hemmingways

Today, we got our piston and we were able to play around with it and figure out how we are going to implement it into our box. We were are also able to put feet onto our box so the piston does not stick out of the bottom. For next week, we are going to get our controller working and get the final measurements for our final wood box. We are also hoping that within the next three meetings we will be close to finishing up our final product.

We will not be needing any new materials for next week. Although, we are still waiting on our hinges to come in :)