EDC Week 1

July 6th

On our first day we took a deep look into the project RTL (ready to learn) that we will be working with throughout the entire internship. This involved watching and playing the games that were created for the study that was done to evaluate the benefits of educational applications and whether it is as or more effective than pre-existing methods. Most of the games got fairly repetitive quickly but since their intention is to get basic concepts thoroughly understood and memorized it was understandable. The most interesting game was no doubt “Chicken Blast Off” which gave randomly generated space ship parts that needed to be assembled in the proper configuration (it had lots of variety!). This was my first time working in an office environment but I quickly became adjusted to the ambiance. As an exercise for the first day we also had to look up several sources on different stances and arguments about teaching young children with applications and then write a small report on it, this is the file I made.



July 8th

We got to join the EDC – CCT team on their yearly retreat! This started with a trip to the roof of a Queens coffee shop known as Coffeed which is occupied by a roof farm. It grew whatever was demanded by local stores which purchased the locally grown produce. It even had chickens.

20150708_105839 20150708_111602 20150708_152420

Later in the day we took cabs to a picnic spot that was setup on the dock that looks across to Manhattan from Queens. It was a fun and unique second day.


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