April 14 Update

Jaquan installed Unity3D onto the computer so he could start creating the game that will go with the controller, while unity was downloading, he watched the tutorial video and some other starter videos on how to use it before he got started. jose watched tutorials on how to use unity 5 and helped Amanda and Kelvin with hooking up a button to the Makey-Makey. Amanda and Kelvin took apart a foot switch, also modified it to be a single push on/off instead of double push on/off.

Patrick and Zaheer worked on the breadboard to try to fix a previously unseen problem. For some reason the buttons located upon it started malfunctioning and the ability of Leonardo (Arduino Board) to output data was limited. After they removed the malfunctioning buttons the output seemed to become more stable. Investigating further they saw that there was a discrepancy within the code and diagram and by shifting the wires it appeared to gain a more stable connection.

Julian learned how to start and experiment around in a 3d unity environment and how to start working on a project. I also learned about lighting, opening files and adjusting models.


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