Week two at NYU Lagone Medical Center

Monday resulted in me doing the same thing I did last week speaking to patient about mychart, I have to say it was the most boring job ever I was literally fighting sleep. Then Tuesday came and my director saw this wasn’t the job for me I was better equipped to do other thing so she had me file through though letters, send faxes, and prepare letters. Then my boss came in a notice when I speaking to the patient I didn’t have that seller smile she told me put on but I don’t do thing like that (smile for no reason). So she saw that I given a better position were my current skills will be refine, so I was sent to HR the next day to the wellness program under the benefit department. I started with working on the scanning project which basically many scanning a bunch of files since the department was moving floor and could transport all those files since space will be limited. That hole day was spent learning but most scanning document I scan over 200,000 documents. Thursday was scanning and also networking with fellow interns. Then Friday the best of it all I help my director do budget it was such a tideous task because I had to find and ever information on every expense and put it in a spread sheet. I learn it important to write down what you work on at work to remind yourself and to prove your actual getting work done.  



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